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Shredded AF - Fat Burner

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Look around. Since quarantine, almost everyone you know has probably packed on a few pounds. We took this time to formulate Shredded AF, a fat burner that will help everyone get back on track. As a fat burner, it attacks fat from several different angles. Foremost, it will energize you to move more and be more productive, while increasing thermogenesis. Shredder AF targets visceral fat and beta 3 fat receptors in those trouble spots: the Thighs, love handles, inner arms. It helps lower cortisol, the stress hormone, and also helps with optimal thyroid output. This allows the bodies overall metabolism to speed up.  

Customer Reviews

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Mikel Smith
Post-Cycle Supplements

If you were fortunate enough to use Jack Owoc's Thyrovex stacked with Steve Blechman's Yohimbé Fuel to maintain the sharpness of your muscularity even as you lost some muscle size post-cycle, then you know from reading the ingredients of Shredded AF why it works so well. With 16 ounces of water, wash down one capsule with your arimistane first thing in the morning & do it again 12 hours later. Of course, post-cycle you are getting smaller, but you will stay lean and feel great. Caveat Emptor! You will be most comfortable using Shredded AF during cold weather. It can be freezing outside and you will not need a sweater. The heating-bill for your residence could be zero. Shredded AF works! Shredded AF will transform excess calories into heat leaving your body. Take that sweatsuit off and allow those calories to dissipate. If you are on a StairMaster, be sure a fan is blowing directly on you. Shredded AF works!

Robert Walden

First bottle starting to really like it. Signed up for email and text. I will for sure get another bottle

Terrie Emilson
Not sure

I cannot say I have dropped any fat using this product. I am struggling to eat more protein and have better energy for workouts and training my horse. At 22% body fat I am not obese but........ really hoped this would get those pesky 10 lbs off.

Sean Bayless
Awesome Fat Burner!

This Fat Burner is legit! Definitely helps strip away unwanted fat, w proper diet!

Edgar Peguero

I have used other fat burning product before. I must say this one is IT. My body starts sweating with in minutes of taking it.